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T Bone Steak

T Bone Steak


T-Bone steak are $16.25/lb and cut 1 inch thick.  

They are usually 2-3 lbs per package.  

A T-Bone steak consists of a strip of the top- loin and a piece of Tenderloin, separated by the bone. They are tender from more marbling throughout the steak.


cross rib roast.jpg

Leah Maier

We have ordered Rocky Bar Meat a few times to try it, then decided to go with half a beef because no store bought compares. Very good cuts which make your steak so tender and delicious.

ribeye steak.jpg

Meranda Pangracs

Rocky Bar Beef has been the best beef I have ever bought.  Very decent priced, and the quality of meat is amazing, you hardly ever need to put seasoning on it.  The cuts are great and  they are very easy to work with.   

ground beef.jpg

Michelle Buckberger

Rocky Bar Beef is fabulous !!! I will never buy store bought meat again.  We eat a lot of wild meat too so that is why we don't buy a half a beef.  The Meat boxes is the perfect amount so we can change it up.

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